Teenager claims her Pot Noodle was staring back at her!

Kelly Hoggarth was eating a beef and tomato Pot Noodle when she suddenly turned away in horror.

She is convinced an eyeball was staring back at her from her plate and has vowed never to eat a Pot Noodle again.

Kelly Hoggarth with her Pot Noodle.

Kelly Hoggarth with her Pot Noodle.

The offending matter has now been sent to Unilever who will investigate what it is and Kelly expects a decision later this month.

While, it could be the end of a tomato stalk, Kelly is convinced it is an eyeball - possibly from a rodent.

“I’d put the Pot Noodle on a plate and was half-way through when I saw something that did not seem right,” said Kelly, 18, of Brewery Street, Boothtown, Halifax.

“I touched it with my fork and saw the eyeball.

Kelly Hoggarth, Brewery Street, Boothtown with her Pot Noodle.

Kelly Hoggarth, Brewery Street, Boothtown with her Pot Noodle.

“I did not want to eat the rest.

“I felt sick but didn’t physically throw up. I won’t be buying any more Pot Noodles.”

She took a photograph and said her friends’ were also wondering what it was and they told her it could possibly be an eyeball from a rodent.

That prompted her to contact Unilever who said they would investigate further and report back in a couple of weeks.

Pot Noodle eye or tomato

Pot Noodle eye or tomato

A spokesperson for Unilever said: “We have sent her some packaging so that the item can be returned to us for further examination.

“We have stringent health and hygiene standards making it highly unlikely for anything other than the intended ingredients to feature in our product.”

Pot Noodles are available in different flavours and varieties and are prepared by adding boiling water which softens the noodles and dissolves the powdered sauce.

Around 155 million pots are made annually.

Around 2006, Pot Noodle’s recipe was changed to make the product healthier. This involved cutting down on the amount of salt in the product.