Oi! You have got to be parking mad!

Traffic problems in Rochdale Road, Ripponden.
Traffic problems in Rochdale Road, Ripponden.

Villagers are furious about double parking, the parking on pavements and the heavy traffic on the A58 junction with Oldham Road in Ripponden.

The narrow crossroads have been choked by cars and traffic and calderdale council are considering parking restrictions such as yellow lines to alleviate the problem.

Resident Becky Barraclough, who lives at Rochdale Road, close to the village crossroads, said: “There’s not enough spaces - end of. We have one car and my husband has a work van, every night we have to fight for spaces or park on pavements or double yellows.

“ I’ve got two young children and it makes getting them in and out of car so hard.”

Neighbour Steven Cahill said: “I have lived on Rochdale Road for 23 years, and now if you are home by five o’clock you will get a space. “We now even think twice about going out in the car in evening because when you return you have had it.”

Calderdale Police community officer PCSO George Serban, who covers Ripponden as part of his beat, said: “We give fixed penalty notices to stop cars parking on the path. It’s a danger to people walking.”

Calderdale Council’s Director of Economy and Environment, Mark Thompson, said:“We constantly review traffic management schemes right across the borough, to see what improvements can be made.

We are currently looking at the Ripponden area and working on a plan to address the traffic management issues in the town, taking in to account people’s comments. Officers are already finalising proposals and the proposed changes will be advertised shortly.”

Parish councillor Sharon Robbins said: “Inconsiderate parking is an issue.It is not a given right that one can park outside one’s own home if you choose to live on a busy road.

This is being addressed and a traffic regulation order for double yellow lines is with calderdale council at the moment. Unfortunately as with most things in this day and age the reality is everything takes time.”

Councillor Geraldine Carter (Con,Ryburn) said: “When the motorway is closed its a nightmare as HGV’s use our village as a shortcut.”