Olwen helps people find a voice at public speaking group

Olwen Edwards who helps take the fear out of public speaking
Olwen Edwards who helps take the fear out of public speaking

A new Calderdale based speakers group is rapidly making its voice heard, with membership growing by the week.

I Speak Confidently, established by communicator, innovator, trainer and Alexander Technique teacher, Olwen Edwards of One Small Key, aims to help people overcome their fears and polish up their skills for speaking in public for both business and social occasions.

I Speak Confidently is dedicated to providing low cost, practical, enjoyable and regular opportunities to do just that.

Fear of public speaking figures high in many lists of Top Ten Fears; in fact, one UK survey in 2012 showed it as top of the list – even topping the fear of spiders! However, the demands of modern life mean that many of us have to speak in public, often “off the cuff”, to avoid being held back, no matter how talented, passionate or expert we may otherwise be.

“For many the prospect is simply too terrifying. But it doesn’t have to be like that,” says Olwen. “My aim is that by the time every member leaves a group, workshop or course, each can say with assurance ‘I Speak Confidently’.”

“I have been training people, one way or another, since 1986 to express who they are and what they need.”

I Speak Confidently helps members polish their skills for speaking in public for a wide range of scenarios, such as one minute introductions, 10 or 20 minute talks/pitches, presentations, workshops, demonstrations, job interview, wedding and social occasion speeches, votes of thanks, chairing meetings and more. “People often come with a specific area they want to practise in mind. When they are ready, I include this in the programme” says Olwen.

If you would like help in finding your voice or more information about I Speak Confidently contact Olwen Edwards Tel. 07759 804169 or 01422 321077 or e-mail. olwen@ispeakconfidently.com www.ispeakconfidently.com