£32bn HS2 link - next toilets for our station?

High speed: The �32bn rail link from London to Leeds.
High speed: The �32bn rail link from London to Leeds.

The Government, has announced stage 2 of the high speed rail link from London to Leeds at a cost of £32bn to save an hour on travel.

Perhaps it would be better if they spent it buying new British built rolling stock and upgrading some of our local lines to give commuters a quicker, cleaner and safer journey.

As that is never going to happen I hope that now the council is in charge of new public health arrangements we could make journeys more comfortable and a stay at the station less stressful by insuring that all stations, rail and bus, have public toilets - at a charge of course.

Such a basic human need seems never to be thought of, so if you’re travelling from Waterloo Station or Leek station you would know that you could have a comfort break.