'Another nail in the town's coffin' - your reaction to car park charging changes in Halifax

Changes to car park charging hours in some parts of Calderdale have been revealed by the Council - and a lot of people are not happy about it.

By Ian Hirst
Thursday, 30th September 2021, 11:48 am

The existing charging hours in Halifax (short stay), Hebden Bridge, Sowerby Bridge and West Vale will be extended until 8pm.

Charges will also be extended to Sundays and bank holidays in Halifax town centre short stay car parks and on-street spaces, and bank holidays will become chargeable in Hebden Bridge.

The locations where changes are now being introduced have been chosen based on traffic management, but also to support town centre retail and hospitality whilst also addressing environmental concerns such as air quality and carbon emissions the Council has said.

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Changes to car parking charging hours in Calderdale

The Council said a recent review of the wider highways service by external local government colleagues from across the country recommended a review of parking charges.

The review’s report recommended the introduction of evening charges along with other changes to restrictions to support the delivery of the Council’s priorities relating to climate change.

The subsequent Council review carefully considered borough-wide charges, including days and times.

The changes will be introduced in phases over a number of weeks, with the first changes taking effect on Monday October 11 2021 in Halifax town centre (short stay).

Readers have taken to social media about the changes. This is what you have been saying on our Facebook page.

Elaine Sharp: "They tried to introduce late parking charges before and had to back down due to public pressure, why would they think it is more acceptable now?"

Vicky Gill: "Haven't businesses had it hard enough this last 18 months, they should be looking at ways to get us into town."

Craig Jaffa Stead: "Reasons for the change. Quite easy tbh they want more people to take public transport rather than drive there own cars."

Tony Gallagher: "I for one will not be visiting the town centre if this goes ahead. Sunday bank holidays and evenings. No chance. I ain’t paying. Town centre deserted already. This will just make it a ghost town. Good luck Halifax council. You never let us down with your idiotic ideas."

Clive Booth: "A further nail in the towns coffin, I feel for the shop owners."

Barrie Smith: "Well done Calderdale Council, killing the town in one fell swoop. Businesses are still struggling, bus services are more or less nonexistent eg our last bus is 7.45pm. Why not try to support the town for a change."

Amanda E Harrison: "So sad, it will not encourage people to the areas."

Sharon Offord: "Seems like this council are intent on destroying what is left of our high streets. They may say they are trying to push people into using public transport, but as those costs rise, and the services are cut and unreliable, all that will happen is that people will just shop online or out of town/ supermarkets. Death of the high Street and small businesses to follow shortly."