Charles is right to take an interest in issues!

By Royal Command: HRH The Prince Minister?
By Royal Command: HRH The Prince Minister?

I CAN’T help feeling a bit sorry for Prince Charles.

The poor man tries to take an interest in Government policy (and why shouldn’t he) and he is accused of meddling.

In the space of 10 months, the heir to the throne has summoned a clutch of senior ministers to Clarence House, his official London residence, for a series of talks. Chancellor George Osborne, Education Secretary Michael Gove and Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith are among those on the receiving end of a Royal invitation.

On each occasion it has been to discuss matters close to the Prince’s heart - global warming and genetically-modified food being included in the topics.

Maybe it’s a pointer for things to come? Perhaps when the Prince of Wales finally does accede to the throne, he intends to be a hands-on monarch with his finger firmly on the pulse of Government policy and legislation.

If so, future ministers and Prime Ministers should be on their guard.

His insistence on being involved in policy-making was something which rattled former PM, Tony Blair apparently, who was so wound up by Charles’ interference that he complained to The Queen.

How pathetic. I wonder if Blair told him: “Look here, big ears, any more of you sticking your nose in and I’m going to tell your mum” ?

If the Government has nothing to hide, then surely ministers should not mind being challenged - even from Royal quarters?