Chezza could be our Countdown Number 1

Count on her: Cheryl for Countdown?
Count on her: Cheryl for Countdown?
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When one door shuts, so they say, another opens.

So glamorous US reject Cheryl Cole should not worry her glossy-locked head too much about her Stateside snub.

There’s a greater challenge waiting for the Geordie beauty just down the road from here.

It’s obvious, isn’t it? She’s got likeability, she gets on with people, works hard and seems quite intelligent. She’s used to working with letters - namely, the X in X Factor.

And she’s pretty hot with numbers, having been number one more than once with Girls Aloud and as a solo artist.

So Our Chezza should put her name forward as the replacement host for Channel 4’s tea-time words-and-numbers game, Countdown.

Charming Jeff Stelling has announced he is to leave, having spent three years at the helm. Originally hosted by Richard Whiteley in Leeds, it is now recorded in Manchester.

The only problem I can see is the one which was not, apparently, the reason for her being dropped by US bosses - her accent.

Contestant to Countdown co-host Rachel Riley: “I’ll have an A, please.”

Rachel adds an A to the board.

Cheryl: “Nooo, pet, he says he wants an E.”

Rachel: “No, it was definitely an A, for apple, wasn’t it Brian?”

Contestant, who is from Yorkshire: “Aye.”

Cheryl: “NOW he wants an A...”

Rachel: “I thought he asked for an I.”

Contestant: “Bring back Carol Vorderman...!”