Column: ​Come and be like snowdrops with us - Julia Tum, Mothers' Union

Snowdrops... brave, exploring, showing breath of new life, and multiplying!Snowdrops... brave, exploring, showing breath of new life, and multiplying!
Snowdrops... brave, exploring, showing breath of new life, and multiplying!
​How brave they are, popping up in a great variety of different places, not knowing at all what awaits them on the surface of the soil. They emerge from their tight, sheltered environment. They just get on with things. And they are beautiful.

​We have had a mixed winter, wet, frosty, sunny, windy. And if your garden is anything like ours the snowdrops have popped up among the stones, fallen and decaying leaves, good soil, rocks, under and close to other plants from which they elbow out of the way. They are fearless.

Can we be like the snowdrops? Can we be brave and stand our ground when injustices happen around us? Can we support those in refuges who have run away from an unsafe environment to try to start a new life. Can we offer a listening ear to those who have emotional upsets, or are worried about something? Can we knit mittens for local schools and for children who have no gloves and arrive at school with cold hands unable to hold a pencil? Can we provide soup for the homeless in our area? Can we organise fun and appealing fundraising events to raise money to send abroad to assist in educational programmes? Can we support, clean and care for two caravans on the east coast so that disadvantaged families can have a one-off holiday and a chance for a break. Can we meet together to chat, rest, and just relax with friends?

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Like the snowdrops the Mothers’ Union Branch in Rastrick has grown. We are a thriving branch, pushing up between any rocks which are in our way and emerging slowly to face the spring.

This year we are visiting those who live in Railway Bridge View for chats, fellowship and craft sessions; we will organise a minibus trip to somewhere in Yorkshire for a day out together; we will continue to support the women in New Hall Prison… either by providing refreshments for their visitors, arranging cooking sessions for small groups and helping out with the mums at a mums and toddlers group, or providing little packs for when the women start a new life after leaving New Hall. We will all meet during the day in May at the house of one of our members for a coffee day which will stretch on throughout the day and over lunch. Have you ever visited Parcevall Hall in Cumbria? The snowdrops will have long gone back underground when we visit there for three days in May… but what a beautiful place to visit and to have fun, peace and stillness while enjoying the grandeur of the Hall and location together.

By the time this article appears in the paper we will have held an event on Friday, February 24 which focused on becoming more aware of domestic abuse in our area. We invited various speakers from different agencies who care for those who are in difficult relationships and explored what we could do to lend our support. It may be as simple as donating items which can be used in refuges to offer to those fleeing from homes with very few belongings with them.

Come and be like snowdrops with us… brave, exploring, showing breath of new life, and multiplying!

For more information contact me, Julia Tum [email protected]