Editor’s Comment: North Yorkshire County Council relations becoming frosty

Jean MacQuarrieJean MacQuarrie
Jean MacQuarrie
The utterings of some of our North Yorkshire County Councillors continues to amaze.

Now it’s the turn of County Coun Cliff Trotter, who was quoted in the Harrogate Advertiser last week saying that the main problem about the new look Leeds Road junction is that most of us simply don’t like change. In essence, once the County Council had made a few ‘tweaks and changes’ (sic), and the layout had ’bedded in’ (sic), the new junction arrangement would be just fine.

He should not be surprised this week that his views on one of the most controversial issues in Harrogate this year have received an angry reaction from letter writers who are lambasting him, among other things, for being so patronising.

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Following the County Council’s disastrous handling of the Tesco roadworks, and the street lamps, and Woodlands junction, there is a strong and growing feeling that relations between the Harrogate district and the County Council are becoming dangerously frosty. And this is where our County Council representatives should be stepping in to maintain a good partnership..

Not adding fuel to the fire...