In My View: A reminder of the love we have for each other with Julia Tum, Mothers' Union branch leader, St John the Divine, Rastrick

Painting our stones in the conference suite.Painting our stones in the conference suite.
Painting our stones in the conference suite.
We have spent two fun mornings, and over a shared lunch, painted stones! Painting stones? Yes! I have no craft abilities and very few of those who came and joined me in the Conference Suite at the back of the Community Hall admitted to having any artistic skills either.

But we drew out our creative best, and the results are in the photo... which doesn’t really show off our hidden ‘talents’ to the full!

All we needed was some acrylic paint pens, lots of dry and interesting stones, and some ideas.

Why you may ask?!

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We have 31 members in our Mothers’ Union Branch here in Rastrick and each person will be given two painted stones, one to keep, and one to give away.

Then there are quite a few people who are unable to come to church for a variety of different reasons so they will also be given a stone.

Again, “why?” you may ask! The stones will be blessed in our church by Rev Michelle, who is also a MU member, and so they will be a symbol of our prayers that each person will have a sure and rock foundation for that day, and the weeks and months ahead.

The stones will be a reminder of our love for each other and the fun we had painting them!

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There is a passage in the Bible that tells us of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, and of all the people crowding around Him and marvelling at all of the amazing things they had seen Jesus do and say.

The Pharisees said to Jesus that He should stop His followers saying such untrue and blasphemous things.

But Jesus said that even if the people were quiet that the stones along the road would shout out.

The Mothers Union shouts out in many different ways.

In the UK we support the homeless; those families who are suffer abuse; those in prison; those newly in hospital as an emergency admission; we campaign against injustice; fight for gender justice and self reliance; we own caravans and offer free holidays to those in need, and much more.

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Our voice and cries get heard across the world as the MU organisation is involved with education and support against Female Genital Mutilation, we stand alongside the Ukrainian people, our members are active in 84 countries and they work to serve their own communities whilst offering Christian care for families, regardless of faith or background.

We advocate for change and work together to solve challenges in local communities.

The Mothers’ Union equips members and their communities to recognise and use the skills, resources and talents around them.

We have fun and enjoy each others’ company.

It is a privilege for me to belong to the St John’s Church Rastrick Mothers’ Union Branch.

Join us for fun and friendship, find a stone and shout out with us!

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