Community Foundation for Calderdale: Why local giving matters

​​In a world struggling with global issues, including the daunting climate emergency, it’s easy to overlook the significance of local giving. Yet, in places like Calderdale, philanthropy isn’t just charitable – it’s vital, and that’s where your local community foundation comes in.
Light Up African Heritage Calderdale, previous winners of the Best New Charity Award with sponsor Martin Hague of Lattitude7.Light Up African Heritage Calderdale, previous winners of the Best New Charity Award with sponsor Martin Hague of Lattitude7.
Light Up African Heritage Calderdale, previous winners of the Best New Charity Award with sponsor Martin Hague of Lattitude7.

By Steve Duncan, chief executive officer, Community Foundation for Calderdale:

Since 1991 Community Foundation for Calderdale has been so generously supported by local people, families and businesses who give to their community through the Foundation and often get to see the impact of their giving first-hand. Charity begins at home and in the 23 years I have been at the Foundation I can confirm that this is most certainly the case in Calderdale. Local giving empowers local charitable organisations to offer essential services, to provide the support where it is most needed.

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Local giving does more than just help disadvantaged families, the frail and elderly; it enriches the entire community. From maintaining food banks to funding after-school programmes, supporting grassroots sports and the arts, helping people into work, or tackling alcohol and substance misuse. Every pound donated goes towards making Calderdale a better place to live. A thriving community benefits everyone, and your contribution plays a role in that.

Local charities understand community needs deeply and intimately. The right funding enables these organisations to serve their community more effectively and efficiently. Your local contributions ensure these charities can continue to serve as a lifeline for those most in need.

One often overlooked aspect of local giving is its role in building community trust. When people see their donations making a real difference, it fosters trust and loyalty within the community. These sentiments are the bedrock of any strong, resilient community.

Lastly, the impact of local giving often has a multiplier effect. Funds typically stay within the community, circulating through local services and businesses. This not only fortifies community services but also stimulates local economic growth.

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This year has been a record-breaking year for the Foundation (CFFC). From July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023 we have given out £3.1m of grants to hundreds of amazing local charitable organisations all helping to make Calderdale the special place that it is.

Calderdale Council, the West Yorkshire Combined Authorities, the Mayor of West Yorkshire, local businesses, and local philanthropists have all trusted the CFFC to distribute their money locally. However, I should stress breaking records is not what we are about and giving out so much money says a lot about the growing need brought about by the cost-of-living crisis and rising prices of food, fuel, mortgages etc.

To conclude, giving locally in Calderdale isn’t just a good deed; it’s an investment in the community’s future. Your contributions can help sustain critical services, strengthen the community fabric, and builds trust among neighbours.

Please do visit our website to find out more about our work and how you can support us in making a positive difference to so many Calderdale people’s lives.

So, the next time you consider giving, remember: local really does matter.