Fitness Column: Make September your new January and get fit

Rokt indoor climbing gym
Rokt indoor climbing gym

It’s 12 months since the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics finished, and what an amazing time it was.

Many people were lucky enough to grab themselves a ticket , and soak up the atmosphere on the day!

But 12 months on, are we all still filled with positivity and enthusiam?

Have we taken up a new sport or new challenge?

For some the answer is yes, but for others, that time is gone and long forgotten!

Throughout August, in most newspapers, you will have seen the Government’s new £5m pledge to encourage families to improve their fitness and health.

This follows statistics from the Department of Health.

It suggests......

Boys and girls are recommended to do 60 minutes physical activity per day,

whether it’s walking to and from school, cycling, after school sports clubs, swimming.

In reality, only a third of boys and a quarter of girls are achieving this.

As far as adults are concerned, the recommendation is 150 minutes of exercise per week, which can be broken down into 30 minute sessions..

And the reality again is most adults are falling way short of this!

So what’s preventing our nation from engaging in sports and fitness?

The funding from the government will be spread over three big schemes.....

lChange for Life

lStreet Play

lWalking Initiatives

This will be a big push to get adults and their children to become more active, especially over the winter months, when most of us want to hibernate away.

We should never forget the benfits of engaging in any kind of fitness regime. Exercise is good for the body and the mind. Socialising with new people and learning new skills help keep the mind active.

Exercising releases endorphins within the body - a natural and free happy pill to keep that smile on your face.

And for our younger generations, it builds a firm grounding and understanding of the body, health and nutrition, and means that hopefully, this will continue throughout their adulthood.

So why not make September your new January?

We are down to the last four months of 2013.

It’s never too late for you and your family to try something new.

Throughout Calderdale we have a great range of activities for all ages...

Roller skating, indoor climbing, rugby, football, cheerleading, dance, athletics, fencing, karate, judo... the list is endless.

And for those on a tight budget check out the Change for Life website.

On here, you will find a wide range of free recipes, and games to download and try out at home!Maybe choose just one evening a week , or at the weekend spend an hour or two exercising.

With two children under six (that’s me), it’s always hard to find something that suits both age groups.

However armed with a couple of old margarine tubs, a waterproof coat and wellies, we spent two hours last week searching around Ogden Water for worms and frogs and unusual leaves and cones.

Dont get me wrong (I hate worms) but two hours of walking is a free and energetic way to burn off some energy and it was great fun.

So next time, maybe I’ll see you down there too.

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