Follow my golden rules and make a big impression at your interview

Stephanie Roper The Wardrobe Angel
Stephanie Roper The Wardrobe Angel

Tis the season for Christmas temping and even though it may not be your dream job, who knows where it will lead? Either way - congratulations! Ladies, here are the nitty-gritty details to pay attention to when crafting your successful interview outfit:

Hair – brushed, neat. If you dye your hair please ensure it is done before the interview. Roots are a NO!

Teeth – clean, brushed. Minty fresh breath.

Make-up – SUBTLE is the name of the game: true to you but not overpowering. You want to interviewers to be able to see your face and expressions. If in doubt leave it out. Same with perfume – wear your signature fragrance

Clothes - They must FIT.

Clean, freshly ironed and in a good state of repair. That means no buttons missing, no stains, no holes, no bobbles and no smell.

Nothing low cut, revealing or short: private parts stay private.

Avoid lots of clashing colours, lots of heavy embellishment and lots of patterns – it is too much for the interviewer to concentrate on.

Wear the right material for you: no point wearing wool if it makes you itch.

Bra – must FIT – no unsightly lumps and bumps. Knickers – no VPL ones only.

Tights – No rips, tears or runs. Always carry a spare pair in your handbag.

Shoes – heeled, polished, can you walk in them? You want to stride confidently into the interview room and you can’t do that in inappropriate footwear.

Bag – ONE BAG ONLY. Needs to be a good size for all your things. You have to have your hands free to shake hands with the interviewer. Anything more than 1 bag will ruin your silhouette.

Jewellery - Selfridges have a dress code which states that excessive jewellery should not be worn by employees. No noisy, dangly jewellery – it is off putting and is not work appropriate.

Get everything ready a day before your interview and practice walking in your shoes. Let me know how you get on and GOOD LUCK!