Goalscorer Bent still has plenty to prove

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Darren Bent still has a long way to go to prove that he is worth the £24m Aston Villa could eventually pay Sunderland for his services.

But the big striker certainly made his mark on his debut for the Midlands club by bagging the winner against Manchester City at the weekend.

Perhaps it was fitting that Villa's club record signing should be the man to get the goal against moneybags City, most of whose players seem to have cost at least that amount of money.

The whole game at top flight now seems to revolve around how much you have got and if you splash the cash you want - even demand - an instant return.

Villa fans should curb their excitement a little as Bent also scored on his debuts for Charlton and Sunderland and despite being a decent Premier League frontman is hardly the world beater that 24million used to buy.

You need a lot more than that now to challenge for honours and, as City are starting to discover, even having what appears to be a bottomless pit does not guarantee success.

While the Eastlands club will eventually throw enough cash at it to start filling their trophy cabinet, clubs like Villa can only spend and hope they get a return on their investment.

It is true of any sport, as far as the media and most fans are concerned, that you are either brilliant or rubbish.

The England cricket team are struggling with that at the moment having lost a third successive one-day international in Australia.

The euphoria of the Ashes success is rapidly becoming a distant memory - or is it?

Of course it isn't.

The current series is little more than a warm up for the World Cup that is coming up on the sub continent in the middle of next month.

Players are being switched as the coaching staff make sure that the right people are in the starting line up when the 'real' action begins in Dhaka on February 19.

That is when we can start to worry whether we really are rubbish again.

Who should have the Olympic Stadium in London once the Games end?

The London 2012 bidders did promise a legacy from the Games when they were trying to bring them to Britain.

West Ham would be happy to keep the running track in place as part of a multi-sport venue, Tottenham want to rip it up and turn the stadium into a football only arena.

That makes the decision, due to be made on Friday, a no brainer.

The Hammers should be allowed to move two-and-a-half miles from their Upton Park home and take up residence.

But Spurs are a 'bigger' club so I won't be holding my breath on that one.

Green Bay Packers gave underdogs everywhere hope with their march to the Super Bowl.

They got into the play-offs as wildcards but have now won three away games in a row to book a clash with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

American Football - chess played with 24 stone men - is not everyone's cup of tea.

The Packers' story is great for the sport and I hope they can go on and lift the trophy.