Heavy toll for the easy targets - us motorists!

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WE haven’t enough water and there’s not enough money in the pot to pay for much-needed road improvements.

Oh and there aren’t enough jobs to go round for our young people.

From time to time the prospect of emigrating seems tempting but leaving these shores is not as easy as you’d like it to be.

Driving into work I listened to David Cameron’s plans for bringing our roads up to the standard they ought to be.

One way of keeping them pothole and gridlock free is for more private investment because government finances are tight, he says. Exactly where does he think this private investment is going to come from?

As one option of swelling the coffers, he’s mulling over the idea of introducing more toll roads.

It seems an alien notion to us Brits because apart from the odd one here and there, they are not exactly part of our everyday lives.

I’m not sure how the British motorist will react to this news. After all they might ask the question: “Where does the money from our taxes (and road tax in particular) get spent?” It is true though, the state of some of our roads is lamentable and wherever you seem to drive, there seem to be roadworks that last an eternity and once they are finished, do not seem to have made any discernible improvement.

It is becoming all too popular to bash the motorist. Filling the fuel tank (even on a little car like mine) is a painful and pricey occupation these days.

Add to this the extra cost of toll roads and no-one will be able to afford to venture out of their garages. It will be like wartime all over again.