I don’t miss the great Christmas toy hunt...

'Thanks for nothing, Santa!' Young ones can be hard to please
'Thanks for nothing, Santa!' Young ones can be hard to please

ALL across the country fights are probably breaking out in toy shops as desperate parents try to get their hands on a Doggie Doo or a Vortex Nitron Blaster Nerf Gun (or whatever this year’s must-have Christmas toy is.)

Oh I remember those days when my little angels would look at me, eyes wide with innocence, their cherubic faces wreathed in smiles and announce: “Santa is bringing me a blue Power Ranger/ Buzz Lightyear/Tiny Tears/ Sylvanian Families tree house.”

“Is he?” I would gulp, panic setting in as I realised that none of the afore-mentioned were stashed away at the top of the wardrobe.

“But I thought you wanted Baby Hush-a-Bye/ a green Power Ranger.” With hours to go before the big day itself, I was calmly informed: “No, I’ve changed my mind.”

I can clearly recall what I now refer to as “the year of the tiger” when all my four-year-old son wanted was a £4.99 plush tiger from Asda. He spotted it while were we shopping and so the following day I popped back to the supermarket to buy it, only to discover that all the tigers had been sold and no, they were not expecting further stocks. I bought a lion instead.

On Christmas morning, he delved into his stocking and pulled out the substitute which you didn’t have to be David Attenborough to spot had a mane and a lack of stripes. His little face crumpled: “This isn’t a tiger,” he said. “Santa must have got it wrong.”

I miss the magic of having young “believers” in our household but I don’t miss the agony of the “hunt” for that perfect, much-wanted toy.

“Please can I have cash for the January sales?” is jingle bells to my ears.