Letter: Conflicting priorities over transport

Traffic at HipperholmeTraffic at Hipperholme
Traffic at Hipperholme
Our politicians have conflicting policies. A fortune is being spent on facilities in Halifax and on the Salterhebble road widening scheme to encourage tourism, and then local residents are being advised to get on their bikes.

I used to cycle to work until my best friend was knocked off his bike and killed.

Cycling in Calderdale is not safe and to make cycling safe it needs to be done at the design stage, as is done in Denmark where 99 per cent of the population cycle.

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Letter: More priority for cyclists in roads spendingI thought that the council had a policy of reducing carbon emissions, but this conflicts with encouraging tourism and promoting economic growth.

Climate change is one of our biggest problems.

Unless action is taken now, our grandchildren will face huge problems, although it is impossible to predict exactly what might happen.

The Consevative Party have been clueless on coping with environmental problems.

Letter: Council needs to get grip of road safety issuesThe Labour Party have some ideas but no comprehensive plan.

I suggest that readers should look at the Green Party website and see what they have to offer.

I support the Greens because they rely on science rather than ideology.