Letter: Giving town an important boost

Elland Town CentreElland Town Centre
Elland Town Centre
David Collins who wrote to you last week needs to be a little more upfront and reveal his true colours; he is in fact the prospective Conservative councillor for Elland in May.

He states in his letter (March 9) that “people come first and politics second”.

On this simple point I absolutely agree, but hold on, there are some serious contradictions of governance in Tory rule, a party that nurtures austerity and cannot even balance their books.

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The Conservative model for Local Government is failing nationally. Their administrations are crashing all around them; including in leafy Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire, where councils are in massive debt, unable to provide key services to their communities and increasingly unable to balance their books.

In Northamptonshire, the chief finance officer has had to tell them to stop all discretionary spending.

If this track record were replicated in Calderdale, how would that possibly help Elland? Our town is being assisted by Calderdale Council in exceptionally difficult times.

Thanks to Labour’s vision, our library has been given a life-line and the council is smartly consolidating vital services into one location, providing our town centre with much needed footfall. This despite savage cuts to our council’s budget from a national Tory government that has lost its way.

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I would seriously compare and contrast these factors in an objective manner when you place your vote on May 3!

Yes, Halifax has seen some important development at Piece Hall; aided by considerable National Lottery funding, it has already brought tens of thousands of new visitors to Calderdale.

This boost for tourism should spur civic pride across the whole valley, preserving our historic and industrial heritage in our principal town.

Mr Collins also continues to spread misinformation about the local plan. Labour’s plans have massively reduced the potential number of new houses in Elland; and Exley is no longer under consideration.

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The Conservatives, by contrast, have repeatedly refused to produce any alternative plans for Elland, or any other community.

Finally, it annoys me to see David Collins trying to belittle the heroic progress made by Councillor Angie Gallagher, our Labour candidate for Elland this year, who has made enormous strides towards the town getting a much needed railway station – something no other Elland councillor has made progress on.

The businesses of today in Elland will be given an important boost, aiding their survival and growth; and bringing further meaningful employment to our town.