Letter: Use your vote for the future

There were several interesting letters on the election and our democratic system does not represent the majority of the population. As Lord Hailsham put it, 'We have elected dictatorship'.

I would welcome a left wing alliance that would challenge a poorly performing government.

On the economy, the Conservatives have failed to balance the books six years out of six and are on track to make it 10 out of 10.

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The NHS is a cherished institution. With an expanding and ageing population it needs funding on a par with other Western democracies. Continual ministerial instructions in place of cash has resulted in a struggling system in spite of heroic efforts by NHS staff.

A good educational system is vital for our country but this government favours the privileged over the majority. Most MPs are graduates who received free tuition and maintenance. Now, young graduates face a debt of £50,000.

The government has an ideological approach to schools, favouring the creation of more secondary moderns and free schools whilst our present schools lack maintenance.

Food is essential for living yet the government fails to address the problems. We import about one third of our food and we have an unsustainable agricultural system yet the government only listens to agribusiness and big food processors.

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When Harold MacMillan was Prime Minister 300,000 houses were built. After 70 years of advancing technology, no government this century has got anywhere near that figure. Consequently, we have insufficient houses and the young suffer again.

David Cameron promised “the greenest government ever” but failed to deliver. This government has used every trick in the book to avoid taking action on diesel emissions.

The consequences are 40,000 premature deaths per annum and most of the population, particularly children, being subjected to health damage.

Although the national press is controlled largely by rich individuals supporting the Conservatives, the introduction of The Gagging Bill enhanced government control. This resulted in the UK dropping down the world league table of a free press and Greenpeace got fined £30,000 for non-compliance.

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I think Brexit is a disaster for the UK. However, from what I read, this government is antagonising EU leaders so that younger people will suffer from a poor deal.

Young people have been “stitched up” and they need to register to vote and get out of bed and vote. I think that old people, like me, have been lucky and need to be less self-centred and use their vote for future generations.

Barry Crossland, Elland Lane, Elland