Letter: Why is bank making us cross the border?

Yorkshire Bank is sending out letters to customers of their Todmorden branch (in Yorkshire, despite the postcode), telling them of its imminent closure and that the accounts will be moved to Burnley (in Lancashire of course).

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 26th January 2017, 4:00 pm
The Yorkshire Bank in Todmorden faces closure
The Yorkshire Bank in Todmorden faces closure

This is particularly galling for customers such as ourselves who used to bank at their Hebden Bridge branch until it closed in 2005, when our account (and sort code) was moved to Todmorden.

They appear to be basing their decision on the proximity of Burnley to Todmorden rather than on the proximity from the original branch or where the account holders actually live.

The Halifax branch is over four miles closer than Burnley. Even Keighley is closer than Burnley, and neither are in Lancashire.

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Being a proud Yorkshireman, I don’t want to bank over the border. You’d think the Yorkshire Bank would understand. We hardly ever go to Burnley, whereas we often go to Halifax.

We believe that many former Hebden Bridge customers will be unhappy at this move.

Of course, I do use internet banking, and know I can go to any branch or even the Post Office, but that’s not the point.

Chris Gaunt, Hebden Bridge