Letter: Congratulating Harrogate Town on great project

Harrogate TownHarrogate Town
Harrogate Town
May I through your letters column congratulate a group of organisations who have successfully supported some of the most vulnerable people in our town.

Last year Harrogate Town AFC joined with the Harrogate Homeless Project, Lifeline Harrogate, Fairfax Community Centre and Harrogate Borough Council’s Fit4Fun Team. They set about working on a project centred around football, with an element of learning in the classroom, playing football and learning new skills.

It was a huge success, 100 per cent pass rate on the qualifications, 67 per cent moved into employment and more importantly the participants’ self esteem grew to one of being positive. When the project came to the attention of the Department of Works and Pensions, they were amazed with the results.

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It was great to attend Harrogate Town’s ground last week to hear that after hard work by the Partnership and the Football Foundation, the Partnership have been awarded £24,000 to organise a further three programmes of work during 2015.

The Football Conference, The Professional Footballer’s Association, The Premier League, The Works and Pensions Department and Harrogate Borough Council are all supportive of the project and if it is successful again the project could be rolled out nationwide.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved for all your tremendous work.

Coun John Fox


Fairfax Community Centre Management Committee