Letter: North Yorkshire County Council, can you fix my street... please?

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Readers' Views
You recently reported that Harrogate Borough Council has arranged a link to FixMyStreet on its website.

FixMyStreet is an excellent organisation but the problem is not the reporting – it is the response.

The pothole in my street was reported to North Yorkshire County Council through FixMyStreet on October 23, 2014. On November 20 an NYCC employee arrived with a bucket of asphalt and proceeded to fill the hole by hand. It rained heavily that night so most of the filling was washed out.

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The new problem was reported through FixMyStreet on November 21 and nothing further has been done so naturally the pothole is getting progressively worse.

Is it my imagination that, ever since the responsibility for roads was transferred from HBC to NYCC our roads and traffic “improvements” (eg A61 junction,

Woodlands junction and Claro Road junction) have become considerably worse?

Most of HBC’s councillors and officers live in the district so know that, just like the rest of us, they will have to live with the consequence of their decisions; most of NYCC’s councillors and officers live well away so perhaps have less incentive to care about the chaos they are creating for our residents.

Dr Roger Litton

Florence Road, Harrogate