Letter: Tesco site should be abandoned in Harrogate

Site should be abandoned

Tuesday, 30th December 2014, 3:58 pm
Tesco Harrogate artist's impression.

If Tesco takes advantage of its recent national and local learning opportunities it will abandon the proposed supermarket at the site of the old gasworks. If so, who will pay for the much needed remedial works to the pedestrian areas in town?

Jon Langham

Wayside Walk, Harrogate

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The dangers on Bilton Lane

I read the letters concerning the agreed planning permission for Tesco on the old Skipton premises at the junction of Bilton Lane and Skipton Road and would like to make a number of points.

As a local activist I actually made the effort to go and monitor the traffic situation at the Bilton Grange School opening and closing times on the day before the final planning meeting.

I observed the following: a majority of parents actually park in the new proposed Tesco’s car park as this is much safer than dropping their children off on all the streets surrounding Bilton Grange School!

Some parents however parked their cars and 4x4s across driveways, on double yellow lines and even straddling the busy pavements! Many parents and children failed to use either the pelican crossing or the lollipop lady! A supplier mounted the pavement directly by the school entrance and parked up for 14 minutes.

This was at the peak time of 8.45am on a Monday morning.

He blocked off a safe view for parents, children and vehicles entering the school grounds.

This resulted in people stepping into Bilton Lane. The local Lib Dem councillor, parents and school staff claim to be so concerned about the safety of that part of Bilton Lane but they fail to complain about deliveries blocking off the pavement and road.

Andrew Hart

Burns Way,