Letter: Work together to get best deal for Calderdale

Craig Whittaker has held his first public meeting and it makes me wonder has he even read the Local Plan and does he understand how it came about?

Thursday, 17th August 2017, 5:00 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:46 pm
Plans to build in Brighouse

It is really concerning if he hasn’t and doesn’t know where this came from, especially as his employee Scott Benton was one of the three Tory councillors who sat on the scrutiny panel.

Truthfully an honest, non-partisan approach would secure the best future for Calderdale on this issue, but Mr Whittaker wants to run cheap stunts and makes false promises to people, promises he can’t keep.

He can’t keep them because he has already voted in Westminster to make this Local Plan happen.

Craig tweeted: ‘Looking forward to highlighting all the infrastructure flaws in Labour Council’s Local Plan tomorrow in Brighouse.’

Grow up and get real, Craig! There’s a very significant chapter on infrastructure and a new policy requiring full master planning of any significant new development. There is a whole host of new transport investment already taking place, and plans for more, particularly in the Brighouse area.

Surely the biggest problem our infrastructure faces are the school cuts the Conservatives have made? Before he was elected in 2010 Craig promised new schools at Calder High and at Todmorden but he has completely failed to deliver them. In 2015 he showed his taste for schoolboy stunts by climbing on the roof of Todmorden High to demand funding for a new school building. He has failed not only to deliver a new school but that school has lost its sixth form. All our schools are suffering drastic cuts to funding that will see larger class sizes and fewer resources.

Rather than Craig starting a fight with the council he should be working with us to tackle this housing crisis and call on the Government to give Calderdale the investment it needs. It’s time to put people before party, Craig. He happily voted to send £1 billion to Northern Ireland to keep May in power, it’s about time he started voting for investment in his own a backyard.