My Week in Words: Months of hard work pay off in a positive way

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Kate’s work inspires confidence in the workplace, but bathtime and stories with her daughter are so important

It’s a hectic week again as I remind myself of my diary, whilst getting breakfast ready for my daughter, Nya and reading emails.
I prefer to go to bed without anything too big hanging over me – but with clients all over the world – as well as here in Yorkshire – I normally accumulate a variety of emails through the night.

After drop off at Pre School – I make a plan for the week – balancing my work with my company – Insight with Passion ( – transforming the future for our clients and a variety of community projects. This week is the very special launch of Positive Image ( right here in the heart of Calderdale.


It was an extremely late night on the laptop pulling together months of work on Positive Image – support from celebrities and amazing people coming in. So after a caffeine fix, I’m out to work on a client’s strategy to help them edge towards being a market leader. I love making a difference for our customers and achieving success despite the odds.

Then over to Harrogate for a very special project with Welcome To Yorkshire. As part of our Access for All Scheme (donating 20 per cent back of all our work to the community) I am the keynote speaker for an afternoon, preparing independent businesses for the Christmas period. It’s a great success and at least 50 businesses are there to benefit.


I pull on my specially designed Wayne Hemingway T shirt with pride – I really can’t believe this day is here – the launch of Positive Image! After a very big kiss from Nya – I am smiling all the way to Calderdale College – where we welcome many special guests to mentor students and launch the campaign.

Positive Image is all about inspiring confidence, especially in young people - and I can’t believe the visible difference it is already making. I chat with Chris Jones and his team at the end of the day – before heading to Look North for an interview. I return calls as I then head to London for the continued launch. Really no time for eating or anything else – I have a celebratory drink with colleague, Ann – before falling on the bed.


Whilst hosting the London event for dignitaries, politicians, celebrities and some of the students from Calderdale College – I am balancing interviews from the press about the Positive Image campaign.

By lunch it’s been a tremendous success and I enjoy a quick lunch with colleagues swapping networking ideas, before I am off to meetings for Insight with Passion.

We work with a wide variety of businesses including many retailers and this is an extremely important time of year.
I have travelled and worked around the world – but I really limit staying away these days (who wants to be away from Halifax and especially my daughter) so I put a very important call in to home.

I then head further out to review the day’s news – and get an earlyish night falling asleep in front of the news.


The alarm rings at 4am (yep!) and I get ready for the Sky studios. A car collects me with 9 newspapers in, which I have to review on my journey. I select my stories for the day as I head in. When I arrive the lovely team have Yorkshire tea on standby for me and I meet Cambridge Jones ( a famous photographer) and fellow reviewer. It’s our role to add a variety of views on the stories of the day – appearing just after 6am. By 9 – I am already back in the heart of London.

More meetings and interviews in the centre – including preparation for two big conferences at which I am speaking alongside some impressive names including Bill Clinton and Bear Grylls. Then I head to the train as fast as the tracks can carry me. I manage to get back for the best time of day as a mum – bath and story time.


Although the high street needs a wide variety of stores to keep current, I always try to support our local independent retailers. I am a huge supporter of Hebden Bridge and talk up the town regularly. I head there for flowers, food and gifts – the weekend also allows me to spend time with family. Its great to see all the customers at the Heart Awards – Insight with Passion run these to highlight the shining examples of independent retail.There are fantastic restaurants here and we treat ourselves to dinner at Salts (Sowerby Bridge)


I sometimes remind myself why I choose to live here by taking a walk with my family – and taking in our stunning views. An extremely quick trip to the gym – it’s lunch (sadly no trimmings). It’s very hard to have a strict day off – so the day is balancing downtime with my daughter, a massive fan of Shibden Park – we head out to the swings and slides (caffeine fix en route). Sunday night’s spent trying to play catch up on email – planning for a New York project next week, delighted this week’s gone so well. Night Calderdale.