So long kids, dad and I are off on a gap year

THAILAND, Australia, Africa, India - or maybe the whole lot in a round-the-world trip.

I’m just speculating where my gap year will be taken.

Only another eight years and I’ll be throwing a few basics into a back-pack, grabbing my passport and heading off in search of adventure and enrichment.

I won’t be alone.

According to a survey carried out by Incognito, makers of natural insect repellent spray, the 60 plus gap year has arrived.

More mature travellers are now taking more exotic and more importantly, longer travels than ever before.

And they’re swapping Bognor Regis for Buenes Aires or Morecambe for Machu Picchu.

More than half of pensioners surveyed take more than two holidays a year with nearly three-quarters admitting they wanted longer holidays.

It’s a generation that is fast becoming more active than their parents and grand parents were at the same age.

What’s more, this Baby Boomer generation has come out of its shell. It’s confident about what it wants, it’s internet savvy (there are more silver surfers than ever before) and it knows a good deal when it sees one.

With children having left home and for the lucky ones, full, index-linked pensions kicking in, the over 60s are keen to spend their grey pounds on globe-trotting.

Well, I had better start to plan my itinerary then because 2019 will be here before I know it.