Talking Politics: 20mph speed limit zones welcome


How nice it is to see that the Cabinet and council are moving so swiftly on an issue that many people have brought to ward forums and focus groups.

This is the 20mph speed limit in areas of high concern throughout the whole of Calderdale. I know some political groups are targeting areas insisting that 20mph zones are their idea and that they only want them outside schools.

I really do hope that this genuine and positive initiative won’t fall foul of party political bickering. It is far too important as a community issue. We have more cars on the road; we have more people cycling to work and for leisure which we must encourage.

We are also planning to build thousands of extra homes in Calderdale so we need to have a safe infrastructure in place as soon as possible to protect all our citizens, young and old.

No doubt we will get a few who will say restricting their speed will cost them time and money. Sometimes you can get somewhere quicker by not moving as fast.

We really do seriously have to start looking at our whole environment and the community needs rather than just our own.

I am sure once the 20mph zones are in place people will accept them and drive accordingly. This won’t be seen as a cash cow to catch motorists speeding, it is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone.