Talking Politics: 800 homes a year for the next 15 years

Green fields and houses at Northowram.
Green fields and houses at Northowram.
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The Council is about to publish for consultation its Local Plan. This, I admit, is not very exciting for most people. What it says is that in the next 15 years about 800 houses per year will need to be built in Calderdale. (we have averaged about this for the last 10 years).

Most of these homes will be built in either Halifax or to the West, in Brighouse, Elland, Rastrick, Clifton, Hipperholme, Lightcliffe, Stainland etc… you get the picture.

Near the motorway (seems sensible) on flattish land. The bad news (or worse news if you like) is that about half of these houses will be built on what is now green belt.

The main purpose of greenbelt is to prevent urban sprawl, and maintain community identity. Hipperholme does not want to be joined to Hove Edge (lovely though it is). Similarly with Northowram and Shelf, West Vale and Greetland, Sowerby and Sowerby Bridge, Hove Edge and Lightcliffe, Clifton and Brighouse, Elland and Rastrick. I could go on but,again, you get the picture.

Now not all green belt is green and without doubt some greenbelt will be sacrificed. It is up to the Council to choose wisely the sites which will meet the Government set housing demands whilst maintaining the integrity of our communities. Build communities first, not just houses!

The consultation starts on 19th October and runs until 14th December. Have your say, the Council is not known for its wisdom, so make sure your voice is heard in and for your community, it’s your last chance for 15 years!