Talking Politics: A bad week for women

It was disappointing to hear that the lay members of the Church of England synod have voted against women bishops.

As has been pointed out, what other group in the House of Lords is restricted to men only ?

At the same time, I went to a seminar in Portcullis House in Westminster on “Yorkshire Energy Revolution, delivering green growth” run by the all-party Yorkshire and Humber Parliamentary group. Of a room full of about 80 people (mostly men in suits representing power companies, I think), there were less than 10 women – but this did include two local women MPs. So, afterwards, I checked up on the representation of women in the House of Commons: of 650 MPs, less than one-quarter are women.

And there’s more talk about the lack of women in the Boardroom. So it seems that not only is there a “stained-glass” ceiling .....