Talking Politics: Isn’t Tour de France hype over the top?

Tour De France will pass through Calderdale.
Tour De France will pass through Calderdale.
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Is it me or are we going O.T.T about the Tour de France?

I know it is going to pass through Calderdale, and be in the area for about four hours.

So far, the Council has committed £160,000 of our money and last week at The Cabinet, Robin Tuddenham asked for another £74,000. I know that this bike ride is very famous and gets a lot of coverage but we must keep in mind the amount of money we can afford to spend on this for the short time it is in Calderdale. We are all excited at the potential economic gain to the area this may bring the Tour de France does have official sponsors to help pay with the running of this event, and I would like to know how much they are putting into our local economy for the time it is in Calderdale. We had real and urgent demands on the budgets to provide our services we now know there is going to be a special committee set up to organise and run this event.

We need to make sure that we keep a sober head on the costs and not run around like children in a sweet shop. I am not a killjoy, but do think that this money needs to be found from other sources other than existing budgets. I could give you a dozen areas were the long term benefit of this mColin Stout, Indepdendetn Councilloroney could be felt.