Talking Politics: Kill speed and not yourself

A 20 mile an hour zone
A 20 mile an hour zone

It’s nice to see that after many months and a lot of concern that has been raised about safety around schools in particular, that the council have now started introducing 20 mile an hour zones, in residential areas, rather than just around schools.

I can see a lot of sense in zoning these residential areas as they have a mix of schools and residential homes.

One of the biggest complaints most councillors are receiving these days is on speed. Now for a car to speed, it needs someone’s foot on the accelerator.

Now I know that a lot of the speeding is done by younger drivers showing off and maybe it’s time that we put on the school curriculum about driving and driving techniques so that when students get their first car or motorbike, at least they have the knowledge of the damage and heartache they can cause by not having the experience or knowledge of what speed can do.

Of course this does not just apply to younger drivers, older drivers who speed in areas around shops and schools and in built up areas seem to think they are immune from prosecution.

We also have drivers who think it is noble to flash at speeding vehicles to warn them of a police presence.

In my view this is totally irresponsible as again if people choose to go above the speed limit in an area that is there for a purpose, then they deserve to receive a speeding fine.

And so do the motorists who flash them. This is not about making money, or cash cows, it’s about keeping people safe in their communities.

We all know where the bottle necks are that slow us all down but surely, it’s better to arrive five minutes late, than dead on time.