Talking Politics: Leaving no room for safety...

After the outcry there has been about the Social Sector Size Criteria, in other words the ‘Bedroom Tax’, The Department for Work and Pensions, who are responsible for this policy, have now listened to the concerns of the people that are going to be affected.

They have decided in their wisdom to change its name it will be now known as ‘The Spare Room Subsidy’.

They are going to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on an advertising campaign starting from Friday.

This is to let people know that the policy is still going ahead, but with a new title.

This is another attempt of political correctness gone mad!

On a serious side, we have to remember some of people have had no choice but to move into accommodation, which may not fit their circumstances.

All housing associations have properties that are not suitable for everyone for instance, high rise flats for people with young children.

So rather than leave these properties empty they created a fast track system, for mainly single people who needed somewhere to live, and didn’t mind where.

Some of these people are living in 2 and 3 bedroomed flats on upper floors of these buildings and even though they may be working but still entitled to housing benefit, they are now going to be penalized for occupying these properties.

We are moving down a very dangerous road, when we start telling people where they can live and what accommodation they can have.

This is social engineering, do we really want to see the high rise flats standing empty or certain parts of some estates that people feel are unsafe?