Talking Politics: Parking charges are good value

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The pain of parking charges in Calderdale.

The Council again has been left with some stark choices because of Government instructions from Communities Secretary Eric Pickles MP who has said that Councils should only concentrate on their statutory duties and all other functions outside of these should be put up for tender privatised or sold off.

The Council needs to raise money to provide its front line services and one way to do this it feels is to introduce car parking charges in car parks where there has been no charge and are usually full by 8am. So no benefit to local traders.

These car parks still have to be maintained and repaired as a pot hole could mean where there is a blame there’s a claim. It is interesting to see that the Conservatives have organised petitions in several areas of Calderdale but when in power they were going to introduce a similar parking charge system. They only put it off because of the local elections.

These charges would be small, and ensure we raise much needed revenue to put into other services.

I find it interesting that this plan would mean 4,200 residents having to pay £25 a year for a permit to park outside their own home.

Most of which are near town centres or popular venues in the borough but the petitions seem to be about car parks. Motorists are paying about £1.37 a litre for petrol (about £6.85 a gallon) so having to pay 50p to park in a car park seems good value.