Talking Politics: Rail service reductions will put station’s future in doubt

Walsden Station.
Walsden Station.

Yet again in the newly published train timetable for Walsden, we see a reduction of services.

Reductions in 2009 were justified by saying it was to create extra space in the timetable for the proposed Low Moor Station. Yet here in 2013 - still no Low Moor station.

As a result of that decision passenger numbers at Walsden reduced from 133,000 per annum to just over 99,000 today.

Further reductions will without question see passenger numbers drop even further and bring fears that closing the station will follow. As one of the few areas in the Upper Calder Valley to have planning permission for houses already in place, this is a deplorable position into which to put residents of Walsden.

The Walsden Rail Action Group (WRAG) is doing a tremendous job of highlighting the issues but more needs to be done. 
Can I urge people to email objections to the following people:

Drew Haley at (Northern Rail’s Client & Stakeholder Manager)

James Nutter at (Rail Manager at METRO)

Councillor Barry Collins (Calderdale’s representative on the West Yorkshire Integrated Passenger Authority and Deputy Leader of the Council)

It is time that we let those responsible know that enough is enough!