Talking Politics: Should library be top priority for cabinet?

An artist's impression of how the new library will look.
An artist's impression of how the new library will look.

After last week’s press release, they have shown us the latest artist’s impression of the new library, to be situated between Square Chapel and The Industrial Museum, and reading the new proposed timetable that starts this month with a planning application being submitted, it states that the anticipated planning permission will be granted, by September this year.

I really do hope that the cabinet have not forgotten about the 19,000 people who signed the petition against the whole library being moved.

Some of these people will no doubt have another chance to frustrate the move by objecting about this new building in the old quarter of the town.

It will stick out like a sore thumb against the Piece Hall and the Square Chapel. I know some of the genuine objectors who objected on quite reasonable and dispassionate grounds about the move will be feverishly looking for ways to stop the plans proceeding.

My first impression of the building and entrance seems to be unfriendly to anyone with a disability even though they are going to include a lift. Wasn’t it the lift problem that sealed the fate of Northgate House as they were always broken down?

I know the Council had voted that this goes ahead, but is this the right time and the right priority for the cabinet to be working on?

It appears reading the document, that we have budgets set aside for all sorts of things, it states a budget for external work on the former Industrial Museum, wouldn’t it be better spending the money on the inside of the museum?

This would allow the people of Calderdale to remember our industrial heritage. I really do hope that we can keep people informed and up to date on all of the progress being made around the Piece Hall.

If a new shopping centre is going to be built on the North Gate House site and the library site, I hope the retailers will have more ethics than Primark, as this was going to be one of the major retailers.