Talking Politics: Some things are worth waiting for...

New complex: Broad Street Plaza, Halifax.
New complex: Broad Street Plaza, Halifax.

The road to get Broad Street re-developed was certainly a long and winding one. But was the journey worth it?

It would seem so. The new complex is a welcome addition to Halifax town centre and would seem to be thriving.

I visited over Christmas and the food outlets and cinema were packed. This is good news for the local economy; increasing employment opportunities and providing a welcome addition to the town.

The Council should be praised for its vision on this issue. There are, I think, one or two improvements that could be made.

Is there enough link up between the town centre and the complex? I want to see the main town centre shops complementing the new complex outlets, not in competition with them.

Also, would it be better if people paid to park on departure, rather than arrival? This would, perhaps, encourage people to stay longer, ensuring they spend more money and boosting shops and local businesses. These are minor quibbles.

It is easy to knock things, but sometimes we need to simply say well done. The Council has delivered on Broad Street. Halifax is a better place for the new complex.

The wait was worth it. And on the subject of delivering, the new stand at the Shay has been another success story.

It is a decent stand, and success on the pitch for both the football and rugby teams will hopefully follow.