Talking Politics: Talk about kettle calling tea pot black!

Colin Stout
Colin Stout

Now that Christmas is all over and the new year has just begun I feel I have to make a few comments about the comments made by Craig Whittaker MP in his last Talking Politics.

Talk about kettle calling pot black or people that live in glasshouses not throwing stones.

I think it was very crass of this former Calderdale councillor to try and say savings could be made by councillors by having a glass of water instead of filtered water. As for councillors paying for the meals before council meetings, about 90 per cent of councillors do not eat in the canteen.

He also talks about travelling expenses when going on training courses. If he looks at Calderdale’s councillors expenses for last year, he will see that the councillor with the largest amount of expenses for travelling was a Conservative colleague of his who claimed £800 to go on courses that nobody gets to know anything about.

This is from an MP that drinks bottled water with House of Commons labels on it, travels first class from London to Calderdale, has the interest for his mortgage paid by the taxpayer.

Surely he should be commenting on the real fears and concerns of Calderdale.

I do agree with him as far as spending priorities are concerned within the council and I think the cabinet should be taking a fresh look at its priorities.

And why are we looking at closing day care nursery provision? The Government has removed the requirements for day care nurseries, that does not mean that we have to.

We are also talking about stopping bus passes so children can attend faith schools. This is wrong. Children should be able to go to the school of their parents’ preference.

We could spend less on things like the Tour de France where the council are wanting to spend £160,000 of our money.