Talking Politics: The closure of pubs leaves a bitter taste

The Whitehall pub, Hipperholme.
The Whitehall pub, Hipperholme.

Something needs to be done urgently to give the pub trade a boost.

The number of vacant and closed pubs in and around Halifax and Calderdale is a depressing sight.

The other week, coming off the M62 at Chain Bar, and driving up to Ovenden, I counted at least ten. It has affected every community.

For example, who would have thought the Whitehall pub in the middle of Hipperholme would go?

I accept that a change in drinking habits, e.g. cheap supermarket booze, has hit the pub trade. However, the rent on buildings and the tax on beer is astronomical and something needs to be done and quickly.

If it isn’t, then more communities in Halifax and Calderdale will lose their local and the opportunity for a drink and a chat with their neighbours.