Talking Politics: Time to re-open a train station

The busy Hipperholme crossroads
The busy Hipperholme crossroads

Many Halifax and Calderdale residents would have cheered the news that Hipperholme crossroads is to get re-modelled.

For those who commute in and out of our town, it can be a frustrating bottleneck. Recent tinkering has improved things, but it is still a dangerous junction and rightly needs looking at. I wonder, though, if transport planners are missing a trick here. I think the really visionary idea would to look at re-opening a railway station to ease cars coming in and out of Halifax.

The best way to manage traffic congestion is to try and reduce it, not try and make it flow better. With queues on main roads into Halifax now a regular and frustrating feature of peak time journey, there needs to be a re-think.

For so many positive reasons, a new railway station on the Hipperholme approach to Halifax, or a park and ride on the old goods yard at Norwood Green, now urgently needs looking at.