Talking Politics: Tired of party politics

The success of independent candidates in the Police Commissioner elections begs the question of what this means.

My first theory is that many people didn’t want to vote for a “political” person to have this important role. Then I suspect that many of the Independent candidates are actually former police officers (who didn’t want to ally themselves to a political party).

I can sympathise with the cynicism about politicians after the scandals about expenses. But I also believe that membership of a political party – wearing the badge – demonstrates a set of values and attitudes to people.

Liberal Democracy to me continues to be about Freedom, Liberty and Fairness (with a capital letter at the beginning of each word !). Caring about local people and the communities they live in, and empowering them is living this out in practice day-by-day as well as trying to stand up for the big issues of protecting civil liberties, promoting affordable warmth and so on.