Talking Politics: U-turns are just rubbish!

Waste management system plans fell foul of Prime Minister David Cameron 's government .
Waste management system plans fell foul of Prime Minister David Cameron 's government .

What a shame that David Cameron the Prime Minster didn’t take a career in plumbing as it would appear he is doing more U-turns than plumbers have U-bends! On one hand he says that Councils should work together to provide services, savings and create employment.

So Calderdale and Bradford Council have been working together since July 2008, to try and resolve the problem of household waste within the two Councils. We came up with a solution to provide a facility that would take 193,000 tonnes of household waste per annum.

I worked for two years whilst on Community Scrutiny Panel to try and push this plan forward. It involved building a new incineration and separation plant in Bradford, it would depose of the waste of 300,000 households across both Councils; it would also generate green energy from the waste. It would create 300 jobs per annum, for several years and after that time 80 full time jobs, once the plans were commissioned in 2016.

The PFI credits to pay for this were approved in 2008; it was reconfirmed in 2010 that the project should precede. This would save the tax payers of Calderdale and Bradford having to pay up to £80 a tonne in landfill tax. So not only were two councils working closely together on providing green energy from waste but this energy would have heated 200 homes and also some businesses. It would have helped the environment by not using landfill sites, and would have created much needed employment in both areas. Planning applications were submitted in May 2012, and after consultations they were no significant objections. The plans were approved in November 2012, and site preparation work had started. The Government had promised £62 million in credits up until 21st February 2013. Bradford and Calderdale were both shocked to have received telephone calls on that day stating that the government had withdrawn the availability of the credits. I think after the years of hard work put in by both Councils, and the fact we ticked so many of the so called Government boxes, that the Government now should hang their heads in shame. And next time I hear David Cameron or any of his colleagues, talk about green agenda, co-operation, or job creation I will take it with a pinch of salt!