Talking Politics: We need to consider The Shay’s future

The Shay Stadium east stand.
The Shay Stadium east stand.
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The offer of a local businessman to buy the Shay has reminded us of the value of this facility and prompted us to think both about its future and how decisions should be taken by the council.

I was checking back through my papers about the work done on the Shay just a few years ago. This reminded me of the discussions and planning for the council’s offices in central Halifax.

Many people are, quite understandably, passionate about sport, especially rugby and football, and want to make sure that we’ve got a sustainable stadium for playing and watching the local teams.

From the council’s point of view, we’ve tried hard to get the Shay up to a good standard. I’m pleased with what we have managed to achieve with the new building every time I go to an event there.

So we all have an interest in making certain that this continues to work for us. I want to make sure that we haven’t ruled out options for the future (could we have a new swimming pool or gym there, complementing the other sporting facilities? Could it have the sports courses from the local schools and colleges?)

We asked the question at the council meeting last week about how the decision will be taken, arguing that all councillors (on behalf of the local community) should be involved. We’ve been assured that it will be discussed in full council, with a recommendation to Cabinet who will take the executive decision. As they say, watch this space!