The countdown is on to the grand re-opening

Nicky Chance-Thompson of the Piece Hall Trust
Nicky Chance-Thompson of the Piece Hall Trust

When The Piece Hall re-opens on August 1, it will be the first opportunity that we have to share with everyone the truly magnificent transformation that has taken place.

As the restored bell rings out to open trading at 10am on this day - a tradition dating back to the first days of trading in 1779 - from then on The Piece Hall will be open seven days a week, early each morning until late each night. Plenty of time to make a visit part of your day.

In the twelve short weeks between now and then we’ll be helping tenants move in, tweaking the opening events programme and making finishing touches to every column and colonnade, ready to impress visitors old and new. We’ll also be releasing all the essential information you need to make a visit to The Piece Hall a great experience.

Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect to see when you join us this summer.

This week we announced our first ten new tenants, an exciting array of established and new businesses including Harveys, The Yorkshire Gallery and a new Italian pasta, pizza and Prosecco bar.

These brilliant entrepreneurs have worked in some of the most well respected and innovative businesses in the North of England, bringing not only their expertise but also their originality and passion to The Piece Hall.

Independently minded businesses, they will help to make our Piece Hall a distinctive shopping and leisure destination.

The incredibly rich heritage of The Piece Hall and Halifax will be brought to life in new ways, celebrating the global trade in cloth that cemented Halifax’s important role in the Industrial Revolution.

The Piece Hall Story is a new heritage destination offering the chance for visitors to discover the stories of the traders and the history of the building through exhibitions, memorabilia and artefacts.

Nestled under the renovated bell tower is The Map Room, packed with interactive maps that show the building’s significance in international trade routes.

Just along the colonnade is The Trader’s Room, a stripped back space, complete with a short film and accompanying soundscape, that recreates the experience when The Piece Hall first opened in 1779.

Very shortly we’ll also be announcing our international cultural programme featuring events of a scale rarely seen in Halifax.

More dates for your diary coming soon!

As we have a whole host of announcements lined up for the coming weeks - the best way to receive information, and not miss a thing, is to sign up for our regular newsletter at

For now, we hope that you’ll put August 1 in your diary and be among the first to see the wonderful transformation that has been taking place inside these historic walls.

Together we can show the world why The Piece Hall is one of the most iconic and significant buildings in the country as it begins a new chapter in its sensational story.

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