The liberating feeling of wearing holiday togs

Is this the ultimate holiday fashion faux pas?
Is this the ultimate holiday fashion faux pas?

MUCH has been said (and written) about David Cameron’s choice of holiday wear.

Skipping around Tuscany in his black, work shoes sans socks, has brought much derision and scorn for the Prime Minister. His fashion sense is in stark contrast to former Downing Street incumbent Mr Blair, who liked to consider himself a dedicated follower of the catwalk.

Remember the glimpse of edgy Paul Smith shirt cuff or the Paparazzi shot of him prancing on someone’s yacht in his Vilbrequin’s? But is Dave really alone with his holiday attire faux pas?

After all, when we’re taking a few days off and away from the folks at home, don’t we all jump at the chance to step into something different, something we’d not normally wear to the office or while scurrying round the aisles in Tesco? It’s almost as if we’d like to leave our old selves behind at the airport and emerge at the other end, having re-invented ourselves.

Mind you there is a lesson to heed. You may be thousands of miles away from your regular locale but you never know who you may bump into while sunning yourself on your lounger.

I always remember a friend telling me how she was stretched out on the beach when her horizon was shaded by her local vicar, and last year dressed only in my bikini and a cowboy-style sun hat (yes really) a voice behind me said : “Hello Mrs Mason.” It was my optician.

And unfortunately there was nothing wrong with his eyesight.

* IF you need to crack on with your work and be productive, the best thing you can do is act like Harry Potter - head for a broom cupboard under the stairs. Failing that, find a quite, enclosed space where you can concentrate. Research has revealed that open-plan offices are bad for workers’ productivity and concentration, due to the constant noise, interruption from fellow colleagues and lack of privacy - all of which disrupt brain activity. Creative thinking and better work practice occurs in smaller, intimate spaces or preferably individual offices. Mmn, I am not so sure. Having been used to a newsroom working environment for, well, my entire working life, I find on the occasion when I have worked from home in relative peace and solitude, that in itself is a distraction. Writers might work in isolation but there’s nothing like a newsdesk shouting at you for copy, to sharpen the mind.

* The Camelot myth surrounding The Kennedys, once America’s most adored family, looks set to take a battering yet again.

Explosive tapes recorded by JFK’s widow, Jackie Kennedy (later Onassis) not due to be released until 50 years after her death (in another 33 years) are to be unveiled early, at the wishes of her daughter, Caroline.

The recordings made with leading historian Arthur Schlesinger Junior within months of the President’s assassination in November 1963, had been sealed in a vault at the Kennedy Library in Boston. They reveal how the former First lady felt her husband’s successor (President Lyndon B. Johnson) was at the heart of a plot to murder JFK.

Well, the US and the rest of the world will no doubt be waiting to hear the revelations. Despite the passage of time, interest in the family and the Arthurian-like legend it seemed to spin, remains unsated.