Where was thought for poor Meredith?

Aquitted: But no mention of her murdered friend Meredith Kercher,
Aquitted: But no mention of her murdered friend Meredith Kercher,

SO what now then for newly-released Amanda Knox following her dramatic acquittal?

I watched the appeal verdict as it was delivered live in Perugia, Italy, and like many, I suspect, was intrigued to hear the reaction of the 24-year-old and her family. In and amongst the jubilation - which was completely understandable - would there be a thought spared for poor Meredith Kercher, so brutally raped and murdered, and her devastated family? There was none. There was not even a mention from Amanda’s solicitor. It seemed wrong somehow, totally inappropriate, an insensitive oversight. No time was wasted getting Amanda off Italian soil and back home to Seattle, USA, where in an emotional statement, she thanked all her supporters. Surely now there would be a mention of Meredith - who after all, was her friend?

But no, still nothing. Anne Bremner, a Seattle defence attorney and spokeswoman for Friends of Amanda Knox, told press that Amanda was looking forward to “being outside in the grass, playing soccer, seeing old friends and having a backyard barbecue.”

It seemed crass, given that Meredith will have no chance of any of that now.

Theodore Simon, a Philadelphia lawyer, described Amanda’s ordeal as a “trying and gruelling four-year nightmarish marathon that no parent or child should have to endure.” Ditto Meredith’s family. And now, there’ll follow the slick PR rehabilitation of Amanda - and no doubt, the multi-million dollar book deal.

* IT must be the Mary Berry effect. After another successful series of The Great British Bake Off (deservedly won in my opinion by Jo Wheatley), we’re all whipping up Victoria Sponges and batches of scones.

Stores are reporting increases in sales of cake and muffin tins, food mixers and all manner of baking related equipment.

And every discerning home now possesses a cake stand apparently.

All of this is great news.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a spot of home baking and enjoying the fruits of your labours afterwards.

And so what if what you produce is not aesthetically pleasing enough to grace la Berry’s afternoon tea table, it will still taste good.

And it’s the love that has gone into it that matters.

That’s what makes it so delicious.

So, whisks at the ready, anyone for a melting moment?

* PERHAPS I am being over sensitive but it seems to be that we take the first opportunity to insult our national team - whatever the sport may be.

The knives are not only out - but devilishly sharp - for the beleaguered England Rugby Union squad at the moment.

So they didn’t play well enough to being the World Cup back to Blighty? Shouldn’t we all just move on and get over it?

And should we be surprised by the hi-jinks from a bunch of lads having fun on their days off (even if we don’t condone them.)

For 20-year-old Manu Tuilagi, it was a stupid stunt, jumping off a ferry as it docked - not least because he could have been fatally injured.

But it’s hardly a crime against humanity is it?

I bet if the team had been victorious against France, we’d all have been having a chuckle at his antics, instead of baying for his (and his team’s) blood.