Why fizzy pop and a cop made me blow my top

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to get me fizzing with anger.

And the latest item was - a bubbly bottle of Lucozade.

I’d called in at the chip shop near our office for a cold drink and, while waiting in the queue, helped myself to a Lucozade from the chiller cabinet.

Three lads were being served with chips. One was talking loudly on his phone; a second must never have been taught the words “please” and “thank you”. The third, ferrying food to his pals, took a Lucozade out of the fridge too and, at some stage, pocketed it.

No money changed hands while I was in the shop, so I presumed the owner had taken their cash before completing their order. But when I finally reached the counter to pay and asked if the third lad had paid for his drink, the owner said no.

There’s never a police officer about when you want one, I thought, as I left. But lo and behold, a uniformed cop was crossing the car park towards me, and the lads were ambling away in the distance.

When I told him what I’d seen, and asked would he go and confront the youth, he was most apologetic.

He was sorry, but he was due to give evidence in court. He could not be late and suggested I dial 101. What good would that have done? By the time someone else arrived, the evidence would have been gulped down.

Frustrated, I fumed all the way back to the office.

Friday’s Courier reported how a man was taken to court and ordered to pay £85 prosecution costs after he was refused permission by police to use toilets at Halifax Police Station and had to relieve himself in a darkened corner outside.

Have the police lost all common sense? Is it too much trouble to apprehend thieves or give some devious little scrote a talking-to?

Moral of the tale? You’re OK to steal a drink... but don’t off-load the by-product in public!