Optician makes Africa trip with 800 pairs of specs to save sight

Trip: Jodi with one of her patients
Trip: Jodi with one of her patients

AN OPTICIAN has spent a fortnight helping to set up clinics in Ethiopia.

Jodi Beckton, 34, travelled to Butajira in Ethiopia where she worked with the charity Vision Aid Overseas.

They aim to provide eye care to people in remote communities.

Jodi, who works at Specsavers in Halifax, helped fit more than 800 people with glasses.

The charity recycles specs and sent them to the needy in the developing world.

Jodi said: “A large number of people in the developing world don’t have access to eye examinations or glasses. By supporting Vision Aid Overseas we can help to provide access to eye care in the developing world which is likely to improve many people’s lives dramatically.”

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