Orchard helps energy costs

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Elland-based energy management firm Orchard Energy has identified savings of £7.8m for 32 UK businesses as part of a government programme.

The businesses operate in a variety of sectors across the UK, from large manufacturers in the North East, to sports stadiums like the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

They appointed Orchard Energy to carry out an audit as part of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), a mandatory government legislation, which aims to reduce the amount of energy being wasted by businesses.

The energy audits carried out by Orchard Energy ranged from implementing simple lighting controls, to full lifecycle cost analysis of the heaviest consumption areas of a business.

Gareth Henderson, Orchard Energy’s group managing director, said: “ESOS is an important legislation introduced by the Environment Agency, which has presented a significant savings opportunity for large businesses across all sectors and in all areas of the UK.

“It’s crucial that companies that have saved considerable amounts of money by completing ESOS this year continue to implement recommended energy saving measures, which will lead to even greater longer term benefits.”

Orchard Energy has been providing energy audits to companies across the UK for over 10 years. On average it has identified 2 per cent in cost savings to customers without them spending money.