Our images and words on show

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WORDS and images were produced to good effect in the children’s arts classes.


Year 1: 1, Lily Taylor, Shade; 2, Maya Bartosz, St Joseph’s; 3, Maya Sahw, St Joseph’s. Year 2: 1, Stevie-Alice Adams, St Joseph’s; 2, Emily Pearson, St Joseph’s; 3, Grace Templeman Rez, Walsden. Year 3: 1, Elizabeth Patterson, Cornholme; 2, Iris Palmer, Independent; 3, Katie Curtis, Cornholme.

Year 4: 1, Martha Leggate, Shade; 2, Evie Gray, Walsden; 3, Milli, Shade. Year 5: 1, Lois Shackleton, Castle Hill; 2, Molly Hartley, Walsden; 3, Lily Fielden, St Joseph’s. Year 6: 1 and 2, Freya Dawson, Walsden; 3, Abby Naylor, Walsden.



Colour print, mounted, them “Animals”: 1, Jamie Brennan, Walsden; 2, Rosie Roscoe, Shade; 3, Isaac Clarkson, Castle Hill.


Print, mounted, any subject: 1, Jessica Clarkson, Todmorden High.