Our Rolo Biscuit is rolling into shops!

Tasty: the new Rolo Biscuit, which will be sold in six-packs
Tasty: the new Rolo Biscuit, which will be sold in six-packs

SHOPPERS at Sainsbury’s, Halifax, will tomorrow be among the first to sample the new Rolo Biscuit, made in Halifax.

To celebrate its launch next month, staff from Nestle will be handing out the treat at lunchtime.

Rolo Biscuits will have a RRP of £1.55 for a pack of six and be on the shelves from August 29.

Halifax staff will be producing 400 tonnes of Rolo Biscuits – more than three million packs of six – during the remainder of the year.

The biscuit will be backed with a £400,000 advertising promotion including a TV campaign from September 12.

The launch of the 95 calorie biscuit follows a successful move into the biscuit market earlier this year. That saw the introduction of Aero Biscuit, which is also made in Halifax.

Nestle communication manager Graham Walker is optimistic for the future.

“Launching the hugely popular Rolo brand into the biscuit category is sure to prove popular with the brand’s many fans,” he said.

“What’s more, with Rolo experiencing sharp growth, up 19 per cent, the new Rolo Biscuit comes at just the right time to continue this success.”

Both the Rolo and Aero biscuits are made on the same production line and have created more than 20 new jobs.

After Eight production also moves to Halifax in 2012 from Castleford, bringing another 60 jobs.

Quality Street, Walnut Whips and more than 20 million Easter eggs are also produced by the 550 employees at the Albion Mills site.